The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

No. 105

Sir: With reference to the Department’s telegram No. 74, of February 25, 6 p.m., I have the honor to state that I have deferred making the reservation therein outlined pending the outcome of a specific test of good faith, made in connection with the rights of the Claude Neon Lights, Incorporated.

There are transmitted herewith, for the Department’s information, a copy of despatch No. 6297, of December 9, 1929, from the American Consul General at Shanghai, which sets forth in detail the complaint of the American firm concerned, a copy of a note addressed by the Legation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 18, and a copy of an instruction to Shanghai of March 24, 1930.76

The Department will be promptly apprised of the results of the Legation’s representations in the matter.77

I have [etc.]

Nelson Trusler Johnson
  1. None printed.
  2. On October 18, 1932, the Minister in China was sent general and specific instructions in regard to protection of American patent rights in China (893.542/44).