893.918/59: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

1020. Following from Reuter, Nanking, November 30th:

β€œThe Legislative Yuan has also adopted new press laws comprising 44 articles in which it is laid down amongst other things that newspapers and other periodicals shall not be allowed to publish articles, et cetera, attacking the Kuomintang or the San Min principles or anything prejudicial to the interests of the National Government or the Chinese people nor anything endangering the public safety or prejudicial to good morals.

The Ministry of the Interior may order the seizure by the customs of any foreign newspaper or other periodical violating the above regulations so [which?] the new laws lay down.

Newspapers publishing incorrect news are liable to a fine not exceeding $200, while papers and other periodicals which are not registered are also liable to a fine.”

For the Minister: