393.11/1079: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

190. Legation’s 89, January 29, noon.

1. Following telegram has been received from Hankow:

“March 11, noon. Substance of your January 25, 3 p.m., was communicated to Bishop O’Shea on January 27. Following telegram received today from Bishop O’Shea:

‘Urgent. American Consul, Hankow. All Kanchow soldiers leaving for Fukien. Last regiment ordered to leave in two days. Entire Southern Kiangsi defenseless. Chu and local Reds awaiting chance to enter Kanchow. Please urge Nanking order General Chin Han-Ting leave Northern brigade here until [Page 94] other troops replace his. Our egress blocked on arrival [all sides?]. Bishop O’Shea.’

I have taken no action on above request.”

2. Following telegram has been sent to Minister of Foreign Affairs:

“March 12. I have the honor to refer to Your Excellency’s telegram of January 27th and to state that a further telegram received from Bishop O’Shea, Kanchow, Kiangsi, reports:

‘All Kanchow soldiers leaving for Fukien. Last regiment ordered to leave in two days and Reds awaiting opportunity to enter Kanchow. Egress blocked on all sides.’

Your Excellency is accordingly requested to take immediate steps in order that the Americans concerned may safely withdraw.”

3. It is suggested that the Department consult the appropriate Catholic authorities in the United States looking toward having the Americans at Kanchow ordered to withdraw in view of the chronically disturbed conditions in Southern Kiangsi, the difficulties in the way of the Nanking Government’s extending protection, and the manifest impropriety of the Legation’s having repeatedly to urge at brief intervals that an army be sent to or maintained in Southern Kiangsi in order to protect the mission.

4. The above telegram is being repeated to Hankow.

For the Minister:
  1. Telegram in two sections.