893.102S/237: Telegram

The Consul General at Shanghai ( Cunningham ) to the Secretary of State

Your April 26, noon. I have brought matter to attention of Minister and he has asked me to communicate following:

“Cunningham points out that present dilemma of Municipal Council is result of attitude of British ratepayers who outnumber ratepayers of other nationalities concerned. Question of whether or not a quorum will be present at the meeting on May 2nd will be determined by the willingness of British ratepayers to attend. Cunningham feels and I concur with him that under these circumstances question of whether or not land regulations will be discussed with Chinese authorities, following failure of ratepayers favorably to act on Municipal Council’s proposals, either through lack of quorum or through opposition at the meeting, should be left to British Consul from whom suggestion has come. Cunningham feels, and I agree with him in this, that we should stand aside in this matter supporting British Consul in any efforts that may seem to him wise for the solution of the dilemma that the Municipal Council and British ratepayers are now in, as our American interests are not jeopardized.”