893.05/256: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State2

Perkins’ telegram of January 28, noon, concerning new court agreement. I have now had opportunity to read draft agreement and annexed exchange of notes and agree with Perkins that this draft agreement represents an acceptable settlement of this most important [Page 331] [matter]. I am informed that the British Minister has telegraphed his Foreign Office that unless instructed to the contrary he is authorizing British delegates to sign. He will be in Nanking on February 1st at the time appointed for me to present my credentials and he will doubtless desire information as to our attitude. Bucknell informs me that Minister of Foreign Affairs will expect person signing agreement to exhibit full powers, in others he will desire signature by Ministers. I hope that we can receive early information of the Department’s favorable attitude and shall inform the British Minister that, insofar as I am concerned, provided the Department does approve, I shall myself be prepared to sign the agreement. I feel that signature by the chiefs of mission would be preferable to signature by the delegates, first, because this is what the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs has wanted from the beginning, but also the signatures of the chiefs of missions would be desirable from our point of view as it would give importance to this agreement above that under which cooperation in the Settlement has been obtained in the past.

I desire to take this opportunity to say that I feel most decidedly that both Bucknell and Jacobs have done a very constructive and worthwhile piece of work in this matter. Information which I have received since my arrival indicates that they have contributed more than their share to the successful consummation of these delicate negotiations.

  1. The Minister presented his credentials at Nanking on February 1, 1930.