893.05/248: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Perkins) to the Secretary of State

80. Following is joint telegram from foreign delegates dated Shanghai, January 24, to senior interested Minister:

“At a meeting of the foreign delegates held here today the question was raised as to whether the Chairman of the Municipal Council might not appreciate our informing him, at any rate verbally, of the terms of the draft agreement of which our text was telegraphed by the United States Consular Bureau, Nanking, on January 21, to the American Legation.

Would you have any objection?

Just before the delegates left Nanking Mr. Hsu informed them that he desired that the last clause in the second paragraph of article 6 [apparent omission] amended to read: ‘Except in the case of requests emanating from other modern law courts when the accused may, after his identity has been established, be handed over by court.’

Since the Chinese delegates accepted the text as originally telegraphed and since the proposed amendment provides for no proceedings in court to establish the identity (which means that the municipal police attorney will be excluded), the foreign delegates are strongly of the opinion that the proposed amendment should not be accepted.”

The Department will be promptly informed of any decision arrived at by the interested Heads of Legation who have not yet considered the matter.

For the Chargé d’Affaires ad interim:
  1. Telegram in two sections.