861.77 Chinese Eastern/910: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in China ( Johnson )

114. Your despatch No. 2504, December 31.62

The Department believes that for purposes of the record it would be advisable to make written acknowledgment of the note of December 3, 1929, from the Chinese Foreign Office. Department therefore suggests that you reply as follows:
“The Minister of the United States of America has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the note of the Chinese Government dated December 3, 1929, from Nanking, relating to the dispute between China and Russia concerning the Chinese Eastern Railway and related matters and to refer, in this connection, to the Minister’s telegram on the same subject, dated December 2, 1929, from Peiping, which was acknowledged by the Chinese Government in its telegram of December 4, 1929.63
  1. Not printed; it enclosed a note dated December 3, 1929, from the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs (see Foreign Relations, 1929, vol. ii, footnote 58, p. 383).
  2. See telegram No. 1083, December 4, 1929, from the Chargé in China, ibid., p. 387.