893.00/10725: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Perkins) to the Secretary of State

100. Department’s mail instruction 1420, December 9, 1929.61 Following from American Consul General at Hankow:

“January 29, 12 a.m. [noon] Yangtze Rapid62 Steamer Ifung arrived here yesterday having on board in uniform about 40 officers and men of the Chinese National Army, all of whom boarded the vessel at Shasi and arranged with the comprador for passage to Hankow. Captain states that he had no knowledge of their presence on board until after ship sailed. Transport of Chinese soldiers either armed or unarmed on American vessels would seem to be distinctly improper. Repeated to Shanghai for information of Minister Johnson.”

For the Chargé d’Affaires ad interim:
  1. Foreign Relations, 1929, vol. ii, p. 495.
  2. The Yangtze Rapid Steamship Co., an American concern.