393.1153 Texas Co./10

The Minister in China ( Johnson ) to the Consul General at Tientsin ( Gauss )15

Sir: The Legation has received your despatch of July 28, 1930,16 stating that a new kerosene tax bureau has been established at Tsinghua, Honan, by the Honan Provincial Government, quite distinct and apart from that set up by the Fourth Group Army at Sinsiang. It is noted that you have telegraphed the Chairman of the Honan Provincial Government at Kaifeng and to His Excellency Marshal Yen Hsi-shan, asking that steps be taken for the release of the American cargo destined for Shansi Province detained by the tax bureau at Tsinghua. The Legation deems it better not to support your representations, unless an unfavorable reply is received by you, or a lengthy delay intervenes before the receipt by you of any reply. In either of [Page 283] the contingencies mentioned above, the Legation will be glad to take the matter up with the local Diplomatic Bureau upon the receipt of a further request from your office.

I am [etc.]

For the Minister:
Mahlon F. Perkins

Counselor of Legation
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Minister in China in his despatch No. 358, July 30, 1930: received August 27.
  2. Not printed.