893.00/11180: Telegram

The Minister in China (Johnson) to the Secretary of State

799. Following from the American Consul [General] at Mukden:

“September 9, 10 a.m. Reliably informed that Wellington Koo now here told the Minister of Foreign Affairs at Peking that he ‘wished to [Page 32] see termination of civil war [and] settlement of the political disputes by peaceful means, if need be through mediation or good offices of Mukden’. He is said to have suggested convocation of a people’s assembly. Apparently he will not join Government. The trend of events seems to be toward a peaceful settlement of the war.”

Announced [Also?]:

“September 10, 11 a.m. Northeastern Political Council now assembled Mukden to reconsider attitude of Manchuria toward civil war. Reliably informed that peaceful occupation of Tientsin-Peiping area by Mukden forces in interest of Nanking is favored in high quarters in belief that it will hasten end of war. Yen’s delegates made further offers of high positions to Mukden yesterday. Mukden’s attitude expected to be decided shortly.”