824.01/13: Telegram

The Minister in Bolivia (Feely)10 to the Secretary of State

59. During the past week there have been several demonstrations of unemployed, many of which have been inspired by Communists. In the southern districts, particularly Oruro and Potosi, several mining camps have been damaged. While the Government is apparently well in control, there is a distinct feeling of uneasiness, especially as there is good reason to believe that members of the former Government are aligning themselves with Communist elements.

In view of this situation, I have not yet made informal contacts with members of the junta as I have not wanted to make any move which might be interpreted as even tacit recognition. The question of recognition by the United States frequently arises, especially since the recognition of this Government by Peru and Ecuador and the probable recognition by Argentina. For these reasons my position here is embarrassing and I would prefer to leave La Paz until such time as the situation is more normal. I respectfully request the Department’s instructions.

  1. Assigned June 4, 1930, but had not yet presented his credentials.