724.3415/1038: Telegram

The Chargé in Uruguay (Gade) to the Acting Secretary of State

20. Department’s telegram 15, March 28, 4 p.m. I have just seen the Minister for Foreign Affairs who informed me that the Paraguayan reply was delivered to him by Arbo this morning. Paraguayan Government therein accepts proposed Uruguayan protocol with the Bolivian amendment as to the date in the following form:

“For the purpose of hastening the execution of the stipulations of the Bolivian-Paraguayan protocol signed in Washington, on September [Page 324] 12, 1929, the Governments of both countries agree to accord the Government of Uruguay sufficient authority to give instructions or suitable rules of procedure to the officers whom it is to designate, in accordance with article No. 5 of the resolution, to be present at the fulfillment of the terms of the same, those instructions having to be in conformity with the provisions and text of the said resolution of September 12th.

The date accepted by the two Governments for appointing the plenipotentiaries shall be May 1st, next.”

The Minister for Foreign Affairs declared that the Bolivian Minister found this entirely acceptable but insisted upon obtaining definitive authorization from his Government to sign.

Delay in receiving Paraguayan answer was due to Arbo’s absence in Buenos Aires. Bolivian Minister confidentially expects favorable reply from La Paz.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs expressed a wish that the foregoing be kept confidential pending Bolivian acceptance.

Repeated to Asunción.