724.3415/937: Telegram

The Minister in Paraguay (Kreeck) to the Acting Secretary of State

3. In my despatch 976, December 23rd,32 the difficulties arising at Montevideo between Paraguay and Bolivia are outlined, and mention was made that the Foreign Office has in preparation an official note dealing with these. This morning I received the note accompanied by copies of the following official correspondence:

  • First, memorandum Bolivian proposals;
  • Second, memorandum Paraguayan proposals;
  • Third, the Uruguayan formula;
  • Fourth, modifications requested by Bolivia;
  • Fifth, proposal offered by Paraguay;
  • Sixth, Bolivian refusal;
  • Seventh, new proposal by Paraguay.

Copy of note and enumerated documents sent to the Department by air service. Quoting pertinent passages:

“I cherish the conviction that the Government of the United States Seeing these documents will be well aware of the sincere respect which Paraguay gives to the terms of the protocol and of its decided disposition to fulfill them honorably. In the Conference of Montevideo the difficulty which has arisen consists in the exigency of Bolivia backed up by the Uruguayan Government that the work of reconstruction of Fort Vanguardia take place first; all that relates to the obligation in regard to Boquerón being suspended until that is all accomplished. The proposals made by the Paraguayan Government do not involve any provision of treaty for either interested parties.”

Article number 5 of the conciliatory resolution32a is then quoted declaring Paraguay’s position in complete harmony thereto.

“There is not in that diplomatic document (conciliatory resolution) a single word, a single concept from which there could be logically inferred the preference of one obligation over the other. It is desired unduly to transform a resolution of purely conciliatory character into a penal resolution.”

The note closes by saying that Paraguay is working constantly to reach an understanding of equal treatment as evidenced by their proposals.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Of September 12, 1929; see telegram No. 50, September 12, 1929, to the Chargé in Bolivia, Foreign Relations, 1929, vol. i, p. 860.