Treaty Series No. 913

Procés-Verbal Regarding the Deposit of the Ten Ratifications or Accessions Referred to in Article 11 of the Protocol Relating to Military Obligations in Certain Cases of Double Nationality, Signed at The Hague, April 12th, 193024

In accordance with Article 11, paragraph 1, of the Protocol relating to Military Obligations in certain cases of double nationality, signed at The Hague on April 12th, 1930, the undersigned hereby certifies that the following instruments were deposited with the Secretariat of [Page 231] the League of Nations in connection with the above-mentioned Protocol:

(1) Instrument of accession of Brazil, deposited on September 19th, 1931;

(2) Instrument of ratification for Great Britain and Northern Ireland and all parts of the British Empire which are not separate Members of the League of Nations, deposited on January 14th, 1932;

(3) Instrument of ratification by the United States of America, deposited on August 3rd, 1932;

(4) Instrument of ratification by India, deposited on September 28th, 1932;

Subject to the following reservation:

In accordance with the provisions of Article 15, His Britannic Majesty does not assume any obligation in respect of the territories in India of any Prince or Chief under His Suzerainty or the population of the said territories.

(5) Instrument of ratification by Sweden, deposited on July 6th, 1933;

(6) Instrument of accession of Australia, deposited on July 8th, 1935;

This accession includes also the territories of Papua and Norfolk Island and the mandated territories of New Guinea and Nauru.

(7) Instrument of accession of the Union of South Africa, deposited on October 9th, 1935;

The accession of the Government of the Union of South Africa to this Protocol is subject to the express reservation, in terms of Article 6 of the Protocol, that the provisions of Article 2 be excluded.

(8) Instrument of ratification by Salvador, deposited on October 14th, 1935;

(9) Instrument of ratification by Cuba, deposited on October 22nd, 1936;

Subject to the following reservation:

The Government of Cuba declares that it does not accept the obligation imposed by Article 2 of the Protocol when the minor referred to in that Article, although he has the right, on attaining his majority, to renounce or decline Cuban nationality, habitually resides in the territory of the State and is in fact more closely connected with the latter than with any other State whose nationality he may also possess.

(10) Instrument of ratification by Colombia, deposited on February 24th, 1937.

In order to give effect to the second paragraph of the same Article, the undersigned has drawn up the present procès-verbal.

The Secretary-General
J. Avenol
  1. The instrument of ratification by the Netherlands (including the Netherlands Indies, Surinam, and Curaçao) was deposited at Geneva on April 2, 1937. At the time of depositing the ratification the Netherlands Government withdrew the reservation regarding art. 3 made at the time of signature of the protocol. In accordance with the second paragraph of art. 12 of the protocol, the protocol entered into force in respect of the Netherlands (including the Netherlands Indies, Surinam, and Curaçao) on the 90th day after the date of the deposit.