504.418A2/269: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in the Netherlands (Diekema)

32. For Miller. The organized feminine lobby has persuaded a large part of the Foreign Affairs Committees and their leaders publicly to express the view that the United States should attempt to get a postponement of any convention on nationality in the same way that you expect to postpone as to the other topics. As you fully understand I have never thought that any of these subjects was ready for world codification and have never expected a satisfactory convention. We would prefer not to see a great majority of the other nations crystallize their views on nationality in a way which we do not approve. We cannot of course attempt for a moment to dictate the views of other nations as to whether or not they deem it wise to enter into conventions but I think you might express the view that we deem it unwise that the conference should attempt in any degree to legislate on questions where there is real conflict of opinion.