352.1158St2/117: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain (Hammond)

14. Standard Oil has received cable from Bedford in Paris stating “Spanish Government has settled claims Société Espagnole d’Achats et d’Affretements and company has liquidated shares received at premium of 40%. Our and Industrias Babel y Nervion participation settlement will amount to approximately $640,000.” Bedford further states his belief that the settlement is to a great extent due to the vigorous action taken by you. Bedford states that in his opinion the moment is opportune to press for the settlement of the Industrias Babel y Nervion claim and believes that action on the part of the Embassy similar to that taken with regard to the claim of the Société Espagnole d’Achats et d’Affretements would have the result of effecting a settlement in the very near future.

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You are accordingly authorized to take such action in the premises as your judgment may suggest within the scope of the instructions already sent to you.