352.1153St2/111: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Spain (Whitehouse)

7. Department is informally advised by Standard Oil that it has received following cable from Bedford in Paris, dated February 21:

“In view Spain refusal to arbitrate petroleum claims French Government has definitely decided to take retaliatory action unless Spain reconsiders decision and to apply usual charge for identity cards for Spanish subjects in France which has not hitherto been done under treaty of 1862.8 This will affect about 200,000 Spaniards in France and involve many millions of francs. French Government representative has just left for Madrid with full authority.”

Please consult Standard Oil representative in Madrid and discuss situation informally with your French colleague with a view to obtaining confirmation, reporting by cable with such comments as may seem appropriate.

  1. British and Foreign State Papers, vol. lii, p. 139.