The Minister in Norway (Swenson) to the Secretary of State

No. 1614

Sir: With reference to previous correspondence regarding the annexation by Norway of the Island of Jan Mayen I have the honor to report that the Norwegian Storting has now enacted a law which defines more clearly the status of Jan Mayen, incorporating it as an integral part of the Kingdom of Norway, the same as in the case of Svalbard, and providing for such legislation as is considered of present need regarding private property rights, the administration of justice, etc. There is transmitted herewith a copy of the law under report, which is now in force.

I have [etc.]

Laurits Swenson
[Page 715]

An Act Regarding Jan Mayen


The Island of Jan Mayen shall be an integral part of the Kingdom of Norway.


The Norwegian civil and penal codes as well as the laws governing the administration of justice are made applicable to Jan Mayen. The King shall decide to what extent other laws shall apply. The King may make such changes in the above laws as he may deem necessary to meet local conditions.

The provision contained in Paragraph 4 of the Law regarding Svalbard shall have corresponding application as to Jan Mayen.


All property not transferred to private persons shall belong to the State. No one shall acquire proprietary or usage rights to Government property. The rights of the State to transferred property shall not terminate by reason of prescription.


In order to be lawful, special real rights to property on Jan Mayen which were established before May 8, 1929, shall be registered with the registrar of mortgages for entry on the folio of the property in question within 6 months after this law has entered into force.


This law enters into force immediately.