The Secretary of State to the Norwegian Minister ( Bachke )

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of May 9, 1929, informing me that the Norwegian Government by a Royal Decree of May 8, 1929, has placed the Arctic Island of Jan Mayen under the sovereignty of Norway and that the police authority on the Island will be exercised by the chief of the Norwegian Meteorological Station.

In reply I have the honor to inform you that the contents of your note under acknowledgment will be brought to the attention of the competent authorities of this Government for their information and guidance.

As you are doubtless aware a question has arisen in the past with regard to the rights of an American citizen, Mr. Hagbard D. I. Ekerold, [Page 714] and of an American company organized by him, the Polarfront Company, to the land occupied by the Company for the establishment of two fox farms. This matter, in so far as the Department is aware, has not yet been settled.

In the circumstances I have the honor to state in acknowledging your note informing me of the placing of the Island of Jan Mayen under Norwegian sovereignty that this Government is confident that the Norwegian Government will not fail to respect the rights of Mr. Hagbard D. I. Ekerold and the Polarfront Company.

Accept [etc.]

H. L. Stimson