817.154/50: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Nicaragua (Hanna)

115. Legation’s 204, July 26, noon, and Department’s 107, July 24, 5 p.m. Navy Department reports that it is prepared to assign Commander Ralph M. Warfield and Lieutenant Rufus C. Harding to duty under the commander of the Guardia Nacional for road construction work if desired. Commander Warfield is a graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, is a civil engineer in the Navy and has served in engineering capacities in the United States, Guam, the Dominican Republic and Panama, in connection with which his services embraced the construction of numerous extensive and important works and highways. Lieutenant Harding is a graduate from the University of Arkansas, is a civil engineer in the Navy and has had engineering experience in the United States and Haiti. His experience embraces the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and other important public works.

The War Department reports that Major Sultan who would have general supervision over this road work if entrusted to the Canal Survey Expedition, has been engaged in engineering work connected with the duties of the Corps of Engineers for twenty-two years embracing in that period all phases of road building and other public activities. Major Charles P. Gross, who would be assigned to duty under him, has studied road building at Cornell and at the Engineer’s School and has had several years practical engineering experience.

In view of the extensive cooperation by the Navy Department in Nicaragua and the existence there of the organizations through which most effective road building aid probably could be rendered it is suggested that perhaps President Moncada may prefer to accept the services of the two Navy engineers referred to.