417.00/336: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Nicaragua ( Hanna )

110. Legation’s despatch No. 1072, July 11, and telegram No. 188, July 12, 3 p.m. The Department has examined the draft decree for the creation of a Provisional Claims Commission and perceives no objection to its provisions. In accordance with the wishes of President Moncada the Department now proposes as the American member of the Provisional Claims Commission Mr. J. S. Stanley. Mr. Stanley was for many years a member of the Philippines Customs Service and served as American member of the Mixed Claims Commission in Haiti, rendering notably efficient and satisfactory [Page 688] service in both capacities. Mr. Stanley would be unable, however, to accept this employment for less than $10,000 annually with traveling expenses to and from Nicaragua.

As stated in the Department’s telegram No. 95 of July 2, 11 a.m., it is important that the Nicaraguan members of the Commission shall be representative of and acceptable to the two political parties, and you are directed to impress upon President Moncada the necessity for a careful selection from the lists of names submitted by the respective Directing Boards.