417.00/328: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua (Hanna) to the Secretary of State

157. Department’s 84, June 7, 6. p.m. The Commission is to be created under the law of December 3rd, 1926. Article 8 of that law fixes the salary of each member and article 2 prescribes who the American member shall be. I know of no process by which the law can be legally changed in these respects before the Nicaraguan Congress reconvenes. President Moncada might assume the responsibility of disregarding these provisions of the law if he thought we would approve and I strongly recommend against our making any suggestion that might be thus interpreted by him or make us appear as a party to loose interpretation of law in this country. I also think it highly desirable that the American member of the Commission be an American now in this country thoroughly acquainted with conditions by long residence and that the number of high salaried Americans serving this Government should be kept at the minimum consistent with efficiency. Lindberg is admirably qualified for the position and can do the work without prejudice to his other duties. I have been repeatedly assured that he is acceptable to this Government.

I desire respectfully to invite attention to the foregoing and to receive your further instructions before making additional representations in the matter.