817.00/6252: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt) to the Secretary of State

94. The brigade commander sent the following telegram to commander special service squadron today:

“Referring to press despatch this morning from Tegucigalpa concerning bombing of Las Limas. On March 31st while aviators were working planes of our border patrol near Brajil they were fired on by outlaws a few hundred yards to the north, and one plane was hit. Aviators immediately bombed and dispersed this group. There is but one house in that vicinity. As far as is known no representation was made by Honduran Government to the Nicaraguan Government or our Legation. Forces of all concerned are cooperating and such cooperation recently resulted in dispersing Salgado’s group and with assistance of our forces from Nicaraguan side Honduran chief of border forces, General Sanchez, reports he is in pursuit of other group under Ortez. Sanchez says bandits were in Las Limas April 3rd and such facts were confirmed by our forces. Limas and Brajil are so close to border that both countries claim them. There are no officials of either Government in either place mentioned.”

Repeated to Tegucigalpa.