715.1715/313: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua (Eberhardt) to the Secretary of State

84. President Moncada has furnished me with a copy of the following telegram, dated April 2nd, which he sent to the President of Honduras:

“I beg of you to take into consideration the costs to both countries of the troops stationed on the border. The sooner we terminate this [Page 557] abnormal situation the less danger there will be for us in the interior and the exterior.7 Partial compliants [compliance?] injure only us, I beg of you to cooperate in the peace of both republics. I shall always be the best friend of Honduras. If our constitutions prevent the crossing of frontiers and if for this reason we are unable to end the disaster, God save both countries. Hatred of the Americans blinds many, eventually that hatred might well carry us to disaster.”

Repeated to Tegucigalpa.