The Chargé in Spain (Whitehouse) to the Secretary of State

No. 1163

Sir: Referring to your instruction No. 487 of November 22nd last,21 I have the honor to report that the Embassy was informed in the latter part of November, by Mr. Saavedra, the Director General of Moroccan Affairs, that the Spanish Government approved the Joint Report signed on July 12, 1928, by Mr. Blake and Mr. Pla,22 except in the case of Kittany. Mr. Saavedra stated that in this latter case there was a difference of opinion between the High Commissioner-ship and the Ministry of War. At that time Mr. Saavedra promised to try and accelerate a decision on the part of the Spanish Government, but unfortunately General Jordana fell seriously ill and was unable to attend to business for about two months.

As Mr. Pla, who signed the report, has been appointed Vice-Secretary General of the Foreign Office it seemed better to await his arrival in Madrid before taking any further steps to obtain confirmation of the agreement by the Spanish Government. Mr. Pla assumed his new duties last week, and I went to see him today to enlist his support in having this agreement ratified. He merely confirmed to me what I have stated above as coming from Mr. Saavedra, but added that in view of General Jordana’s improved health he hoped really to obtain some action in the near future.

I have [etc.]

Sheldon Whitehouse