The Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs (Lane) to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary: Mr. Morrow telephoned at 5:15 yesterday evening to the effect that the religious situation had been settled, and that the statements of President Portes Gil and Archbishop Ruiz59 had been or were about to be given to the press for publication in the newspapers of June 22nd. Mr. Morrow asked me to communicate the foregoing to yourself, Father Burke60 and Mr. Montavon.61 I [Page 480]was unable to reach you at your hotel by telephone, but I was able to get in touch with Mr. Schoenfeld, who I understand succeeded in conveying Mr. Morrow’s message to you.

I informed Mr. Morrow of the proposed statement to be given out by the President in case he were asked for comment on the settlement. Mr. Morrow said that he thought it would have a very good effect and would be highly appreciated in Mexico.

A[rthur] B[liss] L[ane]
  1. Leopoldo Ruiz, the senior prelate of the Mexican Church.
  2. John J. Burke, General Secretary of the National Catholic Welfare Conference.
  3. William F. Montavon, Legal Adviser of the National Catholic Welfare Conference.