411.12/974a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Johnson)

460. Department understands from your telephone conversations with Lane yesterday afternoon that Mexican Government is prepared to sign convention extending duration of General Claims Commission for two years provided the following clause is added to paragraph one of Article one of the draft Convention: “And that during such extended term the Commission shall also be bound to hear, examine and decide all claims for loss or damage accruing between September 8, 1923, and August 30, 1927, inclusive, and filed with the Commission not later than August 30, 1927.”

The clause in question was eliminated from the Department’s draft of the new convention on the ground that it is superfluous. As the first part of Article one of this convention makes provision for the extension of the term for the hearing, examination and decision of claims for loss or damage accruing prior to August 30, 1927, and filed with the Commission prior to that date it is obvious that this embraces the period “between September 8, 1923 and August 30, 1927” which is that covered by the last clause of Article one of the Convention of August 16, 1927.

As the Department understands from your telephone conversation that the omission of the last mentioned clause from the extending convention might jeopardize the approval of the Convention by the Mexican Senate, the Department authorizes you to sign the Convention as drafted with the inclusion of the clause under reference. This authorization is in confirmation of that given you by telephone last evening.

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The Spanish and English texts of the draft of the Convention were compared by representatives of this Department and the Mexican Embassy on August 23. Department was informed at the time that the texts were satisfactory to the Mexican Government. It is to be sincerely trusted that this late change suggested by the Mexican Government will not prevent the consummation of the necessary preparations incident to the signature of the Convention on or before August 30.