The Mexican Ambassador (Téllez) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary: In the note which I sent to Your Excellency on the 16th of this month I had the honor to request through you the assent of the Government of the United States to continue discussing with the Government I represent, once the convention extending the duration of the special claims convention between Mexico and the United States is signed, the various points specified in my note tending to perfect and facilitate the operation of the Special Commission stipulated in the said conventions. Your Excellency, in a note dated the day immediately following, the 17th of August, 1929, expressed acquiescence in the request and stated that your Government would be disposed, in a spirit of the utmost good will, to discuss said points.

As the problems relative to the organization and operation of the General Claims Commission of our two countries are fundamentally similar to those of the Special [Claims] Commission, and in confirmation of that which the Under Secretary of State, Hon. J. P. Cotton, stated to me orally this morning, and under instructions which have been given to me in the premises, I have the honor to request, through Your Excellency, the assent of your Government to discuss with the Government of Mexico, with reference to the general claims convention, points 1 to 5 specified in my note of August 16, when the convention extending the duration of the said convention shall have been signed in the City of Mexico.

Accept [etc.]

Manuel C. Téllez
  1. Translation supplied by the editor.