411.12/936: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Morrow) to the Secretary of State

297. Answering Department’s 418, July 19, 2 p.m. and confirming my telephone talk with the Under Secretary, Minister Estrada expresses a desire that we should make an en bloc settlement at once [Page 440] therefore rendering unnecessary the extension of the claims conventions. We here feel that, however desirable that might be, it would probably be impracticable to conclude an en bloc settlement before August 17, the date of the expiration of the special claims convention, Mr. Estrada, while he wants to consult the agent for Mexico under the special claims convention, sees no reason why that should not be extended. He is however still worrying over the effect of article nine in the general claims convention. We think that possibly the best way out would be:

To extend both conventions without any change therein.
To proceed as rapidly as possible in an endeavor to negotiate an en bloc settlement.
To give the Mexican Government an assurance that for a definite period, say six months, the agent for themselves [sic] under the general claims convention would not present for hearing before the commission any land claims which might involve the operation of article nine.

We do not know how the foregoing would appeal to Estrada but we will take the matter up with him if you approve.