711.9412Anti-War/97: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Japan ( Neville )

20. Chicago Daily News prints special cable from B. W. Fleisher dated Tokyo March 15 stating Premier Tanaka had on day before in reply to interpellations declared in regard to the Kellogg Treaty “that Japan has taken the necessary steps for the ratification and emphasized that the pact contained no provision running counter to the Constitution.”

Please inform me at once by telegram whether I am to understand from this that steps have been taken at Tokyo for ratification of the treaty.

[Paraphrase.] If the statement above is untrue, I should like you to see the Minister for Foreign Affairs and tell him that some adhering countries are pressing me for information regarding the time the treaty goes into effect and it has been suggested that the treaty be at once put into effect through signing by the fourteen powers of a protocol. While the United States has a right to follow this course without Japanese consent, I am very solicitous concerning sentiment in Japan and desire its entire cooperation and, with regard to the above, any suggestions which the Prime Minister may have to make. [End paraphrase.]