838.5045/12: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

98. A crowd of about 2,000 this morning surrounded the outpost building at Chantel yelling “down with Borno, down with Freeman.” The garde assisted by the French priest held the crowd off. Chantel is in the Aux Cayes district and has a garde outpost of 3 men.

At Torbek near Aux Cayes where there is another Aux Cayes outpost a crowd estimated at 1,000 gathered this morning threatening to kill the corporal of the garde who had telephoned into Aux Cayes the approach of the mob that descended on Aux Cayes yesterday afternoon. The crowd has been shouting “down with Borno, down with Freeman” but so far has not attacked the garde. Directions have been issued to call in the above two small outposts to Aux Cayes in order to prevent rushing the outpost at night and the capture of rifles and ammunition. Telephone line between Aux Cayes and Port-a-Piment is being destroyed. American women and children at Aux Cayes embarked on the steamer Martinique, Columbian line, for Port-au-Prince. The Martinique will stop at Jeremie and pick up about 5 American women and children at that port.

Reports that a parade and demonstration at Petit Goave will be held tomorrow afternoon. The commandant of the garde is taking steps to handle the matter.

There is well-founded rumor that this agitation throughout the country was started by politicians with a desire to disrupt the Government and force the resignation of President Borno.