838.00/2613: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

91. The following proclamation will be issued this afternoon by the brigade:15

“To All Inhabitants:

The United States forces in Haiti are engaged in aiding and supporting the Constitutional Government of Haiti and are your friends. By their efforts and those of the Garde of Haiti, peace and tranquility have been established throughout your land for many years, permitting you to conduct your business and earn an honest living.

Certain agitators are now endeavoring to foment trouble. It, therefore, becomes necessary to again place in vigor the power and authority of Martial Law, which has during the past few years been inoperative.

You are also informed that articles or speeches of an incendiary nature or those that reflect adversely upon the United States Forces in Haiti or tend to stir up agitation against the United States Officials who are aiding and supporting the Constitutional Government of Haiti, are prohibited and offenses against this order will be brought to trial before a Military Tribunal.

From the promulgation of this Proclamation, all inhabitants of the cities of Port-au-Prince and Cape Haitien will remain in their houses from 9 o’clock P.M. until day-light.

  1. Text of proclamation corrected to conform with English text printed on a poster transmitted by the High Commissioner in his despatch No. 1575, December 16, 1929 (838.5045/33).