The High Commissioner in Haiti ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1564

Sir: I have the honor to report that on Monday last, November 18, 1929, the striking students met at Le Conte Park and after several speeches, a card-board figure of a man was produced and burned. It was intimated that this effigy was supposed to represent Dr. Freeman. A young law student named Sabalat, made a speech to the students but before proceeding with the burning of the effigy, it was noted that he waited for a few moments and I am reliably [Page 179] informed that he stated that he was waiting for Mr. … who had furnished the funds.

In this connection, the Opposition has seized upon the strike of the students in an attempt to make political capital out of it and in addition, it is my firm belief that the Brothers organization has encouraged them. While I have always found the French priests in Haiti to be sympathetic toward the American Intervention, I have on the contrary a well-founded opinion that the Brothers organization is strongly opposed to said Intervention and loses no opportunity to throw obstacles in our way.

I have [etc.]

John H. Russell