The High Commissioner in Haiti ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1550

Sir: I have the honor to report that on November 10, 1929, the striking students held a parade and marched through the downtown sections of Port-au-Prince. There was no disorder.

In this connection, President Borno has followed my suggestion and has appointed a committee consisting of M. Delva, Magistrar Communal, M. Demosthenes Sam, the father of the leader of the striking students, and M. Charles Rouzier, the father of two of the striking students, as a committee to inquire into and report on the alleged grievances of the students. It is hoped that this committee, while not a committee of arbitration, will materially assist in the bringing about of an end to this unpleasant incident.

General Evans, the Commandant of the Garde d’Haiti, has so far handled the situation with considerable tact and has thereby earned the approbation of both sides. At the beginning, the local police [Page 176] force was slow in acting. Since then, under General Evans’ supervision, this force has done excellent work.

There are rumors that the students are attempting to have other organizations strike in sympathy and these rumors even go so far as to involve the Garde. I have talked with General Evans regarding this matter and he has assured me that up to the present time there are no indications, but that he and his officers are alive to the possibility of such a situation and are taking steps to keep themselves well informed.

I do not believe that the Garde could be seriously involved without information reaching some white officer in time to permit of appropriate action being taken.

I have [etc.]

John H. Russell