838.00/2519: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti (Russell) to the Secretary of State


28. My 26, April 15, noon. I was informed by President Borno that while he acquiesced in the views of the Department regarding his candidacy or in the use of his name for election, nevertheless, he did not personally interpret the Constitution as making him ineligible. I urged him to make a declaration at once that he is not a candidate. The President was almost convinced of the desirability of such action but was afraid that it might injure the interests of his party. The President intimated that he might call legislative election in 1930 or that he might even retire at an early date. The President then suggested that we think over the questions involved and discuss them again. The President desires the opinion of the Department regarding the holding of legislative election in 1930. In this connection I desire again to invite the attention of the Department to the heavy unproductive financial burden which the reestablishment and maintenance of a normal legislative body would involve on an already overtaxed budget with the certainty of lean financial year.