314.115C43/145: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala (Geissler) to the Secretary of State

98. Referring to the Department’s telegram of July 26, 2 p.m. The Minister for Foreign Affairs has told me orally that it will be agreeable to submit by notes under the pecuniary claims convention whether Shufeldt is entitled to indemnification and if so how much.

He anticipates Shufeldt may want a citizen of the United States as Arbitrator. He apprehends that part of the Guatemalan press would criticize having a citizen of the United States as sole arbitrator.

He suggests that it be agreed in the notes that the tribunal be selected from the lists provided under the convention for the establishment of a Central American tribunal.30

He suggests that the tribunal meet within 60 days, honorarium not to exceed $1000 per month for each arbitrator.

He would be glad to have forms of notes submitted for consideration.

I believe that the Minister for Foreign Affairs would, if above acceptable, agree orally to sign immediately thereafter a second note agreeing by name to any one of the persons on the list the United States submitted, plus one from either of the lists submitted by Chile, Colombia, or Cuba, and also to an umpire selected by agreement from the United States list and that the tribunal meet in the United States if that be desired.

If desired that Legation agree on the arbitrators, please indicate an American, also whether there is a preference for the list of Chile, Colombia, and Cuba.

  1. See Conference on Central American Affairs, Washington, December 4, 1922–February 7, 1923 (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1923), pp. 296, 298, 299.