314.115C43/135: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala ( Geissler )

37. Your No. 87, July 6. Department unable to understand the reply of the Guatemalan Foreign Minister in view of the fact that responsible Guatemalan officials have previously expressed willingness to settle the Shufeldt claim and last year agreed to pay Shufeldt a definite amount, although the terms for the payment proposed by the Guatemalan Government could not be agreed to by Shufeldt. (See Memorandum initialed by yourself and Mr. Salazar accompanying your Despatch 2029, July 25, 1928,25 memorandum accompanying your Despatch 2196, November 24, 1928;25 Mr. Hawks’ Despatch 2191, December 7 [November 20], 1928, concerning statement made to Mr. Hawks by Mr. Aguilar and your Despatch 2202, December 4, 1928.)

The Department considers that the Guatemalan Government has committed itself definitely to make a settlement with Shufeldt and that it may therefore expect a settlement to be made, and hopes that the Guatemalan Government will now state definitely the terms of settlement it is prepared to make. So inform Foreign Minister and telegraph substance of reply.

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