314.115C43/121: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala ( Geissler )

30. Department’s telegram No. 22, May 9. Evidence submitted by Shufeldt’s attorneys having been examined, Department is convinced that this Government would be warranted in presenting a diplomatic claim against Government of Guatemala for the full amount of damages suffered by Shufeldt as the result of the cancellation of his contract. However, before taking this step, Department desires to give the Guatemalan Government an opportunity to make a settlement with Shufeldt.

You will so advise the appropriate Guatemalan authorities and taking with you Mr. Davidson, the power of attorney of Mr. Shufeldt, you will express to those authorities the earnest hope of this Government that they will negotiate a settlement of these difficulties in accordance with the principles expressed in the last paragraph of the memorandum of July 20, 1928, initialed by the American Minister and by the Minister of Foreign Relations of Guatemala.19 Cable results.

  1. The last paragraph reads, in part, as follows: “as regards the controversy between Mr. Shufeldt and the Government [Mr. Geissler] hopes, as he has heretofore indicated, that it may be found practicable for the parties at an early date to effect a just and mutually satisfactory understanding regarding the rights of Mr. Shufeldt under his contract or to agree on a method which would result in a determination of those rights at a minimum of expense and trouble to both of them. Mr. Salazar stated, that he is heartily in accord with those ideas.” The memorandum, uninitialed, is printed in Shufeldt Claim, 507.