The Minister in Guatemala ( Geissler ) to the Secretary of State

No. 2223

Sir: Referring to Despatch No. 2202 dated December 4, 1928, and previous correspondence, I have the honor to report, that, on December 31, 1928, Mr. David M. Davidson showed me a letter, a copy of which is enclosed herewith,18 and in which Mr. P. W. Shufeldt says, regarding the claim resulting from his chicle contract, that he desires Mr. Davidson to inform the American Legation and the Government of Guatemala that he does not accept the proposal made by Minister of Agriculture Solórzano and Minister of Finance Solares, on November 30, 1928, and that in so far as he is concerned negotiations are closed.

It will be observed, that, as regards possible further procedure, Mr. Shufeldt states:

“The Government of Guatemala were informed by me that Colonel Wilson had withdrawn from my case so long as negotiations for an amicable settlement were being conducted; as these have come to a close I hope to induce him to continue to conduct our case before whichever other tribunal it may be brought for final settlement so that you may consult him on any matters in that connection.”

Mr. Davidson did not indicate what the next step in behalf of Mr. Shufeldt’s claim will be.

I have [etc.]

Arthur H. Geissler
  1. Not printed.