The Ambassador in Cuba (Judah) to the Secretary of State

No. 626

Sir: Referring to our previous correspondence in regard to the claim of Charles J. Harrah, I have the honor to say that I called upon the Secretary of State this morning to ask to have the report of the Lawyers Commission expedited. The Secretary informed me that Doctor Mendoza and Doctor Bustamante had already made their report; that the expedience was at the moment in the hands of Doctor Hernández Cartaya, and, that when he finished with it, it would be sent to Doctor Averhoff, the Dean of the University of Habana. The Secretary of State instructed one of his assistants to call up Doctor Cartaya and ask him to finish his report as soon as possible.

I have requested both President Machado and the Secretary of State to expedite the matter so that, if there is to be an arbitration, the arbitration agreement may be closed before I retire as Ambassador.

I have [etc.]

Noble Brandon Judah