711.0012Anti-War/1031: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Edge) to the Secretary of State

565. On the morning of December 14, I was received by Briand in the customary audience preliminary to presenting my letter of credence. He was extremely affable and everything passed off most satisfactorily. During the course of the conversation, the Pact of Paris having been casually mentioned, Briand remarked in the more than an off hand way that he felt that Pact lacked something; that what it really needed was an extra article in the nature of that contained in the Four-Power Pacific Treaty which would justify the signatory powers in taking action in an emergency. (He apparently had reference to article 2 of the Four-Power Treaty Relating to Insular Possessions in the Pacific.) I replied that I presumed that what he meant was some article envisaging concerted action such as that initiated by you in the recent Russo-Chinese dispute. He replied, “Exactly.” I added that I could see no objection to such an article provided of course it did not envisage military intervention of any kind. He said that he was quite in accord on this point. You may wish to let me have your views on this suggestion in the event that Briand should raise the point at a later meeting.

I am informed by the Foreign Office my reception by the President will take place probably Wednesday.