500.C114/843a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Switzerland ( Wilson )

100. Please see Sir Eric Drummond and tell him that I have this morning made the following statement to the press: [Page 28]

“I have carefully examined the draft protocol recommended by the Committee of Jurists last spring for the purpose of meeting the objections represented by the reservations of the United States Senate in regard to the entry of the United States into the World Court and I have satisfied myself that this draft protocol, if ratified by the other signatory powers, would meet the objections raised by the Senate and fully protect the United States against the dangers anticipated by the Senate. Accordingly, last month I notified the Secretary General of the League of Nations, who is presenting this to the other signatory powers, that the draft protocol met with my approval and that if it was accepted by the other states I would recommend to the President of the United States that it be signed and submitted to the Senate for its consent to ratification.”

I have also made public the aide-mémoire of August 14 conveyed to you in my number 84. [Paraphrase.] You will please inform Sir Eric that in view of other important international matters which probably will be up before the Senate during the coming session this winter, it is not probable that it will be advisable to submit the amended protocol for that body’s advice and consent for a considerable period, possibly a year. [End paraphrase.]