500.C114/841: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva (Blake) to the Secretary of State

This morning at private session of the conference of signatory states the question of the accession of the United States was placed first on the agenda. Drummond read a statement to the effect that he had been informed by a dependable source which he could not divulge that the Executive branch of the United States Government found acceptable the terms of the draft protocol prepared by the Committee of Jurists relative to the accession of the United States.

A discussion followed the tone of which indicated that though Drummond’s statement that his information was reliable was not questioned and the substance was a cause for gratification it was greatly to be regretted that the United States in a matter which was its primary concern had taken an indirect course in conveying this important information.

The question then arose as to whether Drummond’s complete [statement] could be made [public]. Led by the Canadian representative the view was expressed that it might prove embarrassing to the United States Government and perhaps in some way prejudice favorable action by the Senate should the American press and the American people and the Legislative branch of our Government be first informed by the League and through a statement by a non-American of the position of the American Government in this matter. After a short debate it was decided for these reasons not to make Drummond’s statement public for the immediate present.

Read to Minister by telephone.