The Ambassador in Germany (Schurman) to the Secretary of State

No. 3516

Sir: With reference to the Department’s instruction No. 1812 of November 21, 1927,68 I have the honor to enclose herewith, in copy and translation, a self-explanatory note from the Foreign Office on the subject of the extension of the free-entry privilege on a reciprocal basis to the non-commissioned personnel of this Embassy and to the German Embassy at Washington.

As will be seen, the Foreign Office states that exemption from duty to the office and chancery personnel of this Embassy has already been granted by the German Government; and a copy of the Reichszollblatt as transmitted with the aforementioned note is likewise enclosed.68 It will, however, be seen that the note states that the extension of free entry cannot be granted to domestic servants.

I have [etc.]

Jacob Gould Schurman

The German Ministry for Foreign Affairs to the American Embassy

No. ID 1173 Ang. I.

Note Verbale

The Foreign Office has the honor to advise the Embassy of the United States of America as follows in reply to its Note Verbale No. 1789 of December 14, 1927:

The question of extending exemption from duty to the personnel of the Embassy has been discussed with the Finance Ministry of the Reich. In consideration of the offer of reciprocity made by the Government [Page 933] of the United States, the German Government is prepared, as already indicated in its Note Verbale of August 31, 1927—I D 438569—to extend exemption from duty to the office and chancery personnel of the Embassy, to take effect at once. The provisions of execution of the ordinance of February 6, 1926, governing exemption from duty and taxes of Embassy goods have therefore been altered accordingly and the customs offices provided with instructions by means of publication of the provisions in the Reichszollblatt. Three copies of Reichszollblatt No. 15, page 95 of 1928 are herewith enclosed.69

With regard to exemption from duty for domestic servants (servants and governesses), it is respectfully remarked that the extension of free entry to such persons is unfortunately not possible in accordance with the above-mentioned ordinance of February 6, 1926.

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