662.11173 Barley/26: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Germany (Poole)

101. German Embassy reports that Consul Hamburg has declined to certify under seal as to identity of particular shipments of American barley. Such action presumably is pursuant to final sentence Department’s 99, October 6, 6 p.m.

Unless you and Consuls perceive objection, in which event you should report to the Department for instructions, you may authorize Consuls to perform such acts when the samples submitted are accompanied by an affidavit indicating in full detail the manner in which the samples were drawn, by whom they were drawn, together with any other pertinent facts. You should warn the Consuls to avoid the assumption of any responsibility in connection with the certification of such samples other than that involved in the normal performance of notarial functions, and to avoid making any statement or performing any action which might be construed as assuming responsibility for the representative character of the samples in question.