662.11173 Barley/6: Telegram

The Chargé in Germany (Poole) to the Secretary of State

194. Am informed by Foreign Office that, as a result of sickness among hogs fed of American barley arriving by various ships from various ports, a decree will be submitted Reichsrat tomorrow, and probably passed, by which American barley will for the present be admitted only after actual feeding tests. I understand Department of Agriculture is already in general apprised of situation.

German authorities take serious view saying shipments totaling 500,000 tons may be involved before the end of year. They intend carrying out scientific tests here extending over a fortnight and urge that American authorities make similarly thorough investigation including feeding tests.

They also urge that as litigation is likely to ensue on a large scale between American exporters and German importers both Governments should use influence toward a direct meeting of exporters and importers with a view to a general adjustment.

North American Export Grain Association has telegraphed Embassy asking intervention with German authorities. Please make suitable acknowledgment.