462.00 R 296/2214

The Ambassador in France (Herrick) to the Secretary of State


Sir: I have the honor to refer to my Reparation telegram No. 85 of March 28, 1928,29 and to the Department’s reply, Reparation No. 48 of March 29, 1928,29 authorising me, in effect, to inform the Secretary General of the Reparation Commission that the Government of the United States was disposed to continue in effect the present arrangement for the distribution of cash transfers up to the limit of a third sum of 100 million gold marks during the 4th Annuity Year, provided the other interested Powers should take similar action, and without prejudice to any question of principle.

The representatives of the other Powers were all in agreement as to continuing the present arrangement, and accordingly a letter in this sense was addressed to the Chairman of the Transfer Committee under date of March 30, 1928, by the Secretary General of the Reparation Commission, together with a schedule indicating the basis for distribution of this third sum of 100 million gold marks. Copies of this communication are transmitted herewith as Annexes 3419 d1-2.29 I also transmit copies of Annex 3419 c, being a note from the Secretary General to the Commission submitting his letter of March 30th for the formal approval of the Commission.29

I should like to express my appreciation of the Department’s thoughtfulness in instructing me so promptly in the matter. This made it possible for an agreement to be immediately reached and notified to the Transfer Committee prior to its meeting on March 31st.

I have [etc.]

For the Ambassador,
Edwin C. Wilson
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