462.00 R 296/2549: Telegram

The Chargé in France (Armour) to the Secretary of State

423. Reparation No. 146.

Following is rough translation from French text of terms of reference appended to agreement between Poincare and Von Hoesch:

“The German, Belgian, French, British, Italian and Japanese Governments, in carrying out the Geneva decision of September 16, 1928, in which the establishment of a committee of independent financial experts had been agreed, have decided to intrust this committee with the elaboration of proposals for a complete and definitive settlement of the reparation problem. These proposals should include (devront comporter) a settlement of the obligations arising from the treaties and agreements existing between Germany and the crediting [creditor] powers. The committee should communicate its reply to the governments having participated in the Geneva decision as well as to the Reparation Commission.”

Following is section referring to procedure for obtaining American participation:

“The participation of American experts will be arranged as follows: Sir Esme Howard, British Ambassador at Washington, dean of the Ambassadors accredited there from the six interested powers, will address himself in the name of his colleagues to the Government of the United States in order to ask if it is prepared to consent that American experts take part in the work of the committee envisaged and he will inform himself at the same time whether in that case the Washington government is disposed to propose American personages. If the Government of the United States consents to this, the persons proposed will be appointed jointly by the Reparation Commission and the German Government. In case the Government of the United States should prefer to leave the choice to the governments of the six powers, these will reach agreement upon the choice of the American personages to be invited. The latter will be appointed jointly by Reparation Commission and the German Government.”

Remainder of agreement will be transmitted in subsequent telegram.