462.00 R 296/2521: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in France (Armour)


416. Reparation 65. With reference to your telegram No. 395, of December 6, 4 p.m.18 In reply to Gilbert’s very confidential inquiry, I answered through you in my telegram 368, of October 31, noon, which please consult. In it you will note I said under section (1) in response to his question as to whether this Government is in principle willing for American citizens to serve as independent experts on a committee similar to the Dawes Committee: “This Government will give the most sympathetic consideration to such a request if the Allied European Governments officially make it and if they submit names of American citizens as their appointees to serve on the committee.” Of course, this was not intended as any suggestion as to whether the Reparation Commission or the interested Governments should name American experts, if appointed. No suggestion has been or will be made by the United States as to the role to be played by the Reparation Commission or the Governments in constituting the committee. This matter in no way concerns us.

Please inform Gilbert if you believe he does not fully understand this, and repeat the above as Department’s No. 123 to the Embassy in Germany.

  1. Not printed.