711.5112 U.S./33

The French Ambassador (Claudel) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: By a note dated the first of this month Your Excellency has been good enough to inform me that in the opinion of the Federal Government “the provisions of the treaty of arbitration signed February 6, 1928, do not in the slightest degree affect or modify the provisions of the treaty signed September 15, 1914”. You added that you would be glad to receive from me a note confirming that my Government shares this point of view.

My Government, to which I did not fail to transmit the text of Your Excellency’s note, has requested me to assure you that its interpretation of the treaty signed February 6, 1928, is identical with that of the Government of the United States as expressed above.

My Government is of the opinion that our recent arbitration treaty not only leaves the 1914 treaty unchanged but even envisages its application.

Please accept [etc.]